Art is the language of the human soul. It is the language of every culture. Art is a bridge between every people group. If you want to understand a person, find out what kind of art they like. Making and enjoying art are humanizing activities. they are liberating and spiritual activities as well. Art need not be religious to be worthy of appreciation and support. All art that glorifies our Creator is worthy of praise, no matter who does it, or from what culture it comes.

Beauty, order, light and well-composed worship, all of these things are parts of an Anglcian worship experience. Anglicanism is artful in content and practice, in our worship spaces and services, in our liturature and vestments, in our music and relationship to God. Anglicans have always loved the arts because God loves the arts. That is why we will always include the arts in our community of faith.

Here is a sample of an artist doing a painting during one of our services.
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