This is the liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion.
Our Sunday service has two parts - FIRST: Both Music and Bible-Centered teaching - Length: 45 minutes, plus SECOND, Holy Communion - Length: 30 minutes.

THEOLOGICAL STUDIES - often Thursday 7 - 9pm
At selected times throughout the year we meet at the church building to discuss theological subjects and pray together. We cycle through series of topics, investigate theological foundations of our faith,  explore relevant spiritual issues of the day and do regular catechism. If you are interested in an educational approach, you might like this group. Keep an eye on the EVENTS page to see when these Thursday Study groups are scheduled.

SPECIAL TOPICS NIGHT - FRIDAY EVENINGS - Look for the scheule on the Events calendar.
These Special Topics events can deal with broader issues of philosophy, religion, music, the arts, cultural issues and considerations of just about any subject. Keep an eye open for announcements about our SPECIAL TOPICS sessions. 

FRIENDS IN THE PUB - This youthful cadre is exactly what the title of this group implies, a core of  friends (and others), who discuss ideas, culture and spirituality over a pint in any number of our city's excellent pubs. From Crown Hill to Green Lake to Fremont and across the city, these university students, artists, musician, theologians and philosophers enjoy the company of one another, and promote conversations that relate to faith and life beyond the four walls of the meeting hall. Open to all who have an open mind, a desire for excellent exchange of ideas, and a bit of a light humor (we like to poke fun at ourselves) we often quote a G. K. Chesterton saying, "Angels can fly, because they take themselves lightly."