Emmanuel is an ACNA church (Anglican Church in North America), under Archbishop Foley Beach,  and a member of The Diocese of the West (CANA), under Bishop Felix Orji. Fr. Daniel was ordained through CANA and Emmanuel church was consecrated by CANA bishops. The church opened its doors on November 28th, 2010.

PASTOR: (Rector)
The Rev. Dr. Daniel Patrick Francis Rice 



Front Row, from left:
Matthew Tedesco (Treasurer), Raluca Tedesco, Kay Fowler (Chaplain)

Middle Row, from left:
Betty Lou Schindler (Bookkeeper), Nick Robison (Junior Warden), Tyler Marshall (Alternate), Neal Schindler (Recorder), Don Kirby

Top Row, from left: Constance Rice (Hospitality), Fr. Daniel Rice (Rector), Fr Troy Henley (Assistant Priest), Shawn Corkery (Senior Warden).